I Walk Alone.. But I’m Not Alone

I Walk Alone.. But I'm Not Alone
I Walk Alone.. But I’m Not Alone

Life without an aim is like a guitar without strings

Life without an aim is like a guitar without strings

“Life without an aim is like a guitar without strings.”

This is an inspirational, metaphorical quote originally written by me.. when i was in my second year of college, i realized that life without an aim is like a guitar without strings. “Life” is the guitar and the “experience of living life” is the music that would be played on a guitar with fine tuned strings. So, i guess now you can imagine why i compare a “Life without an aim” to a “guitar without strings” 🙂

I Walk Alone…But i’m not alone!

I walk alone in the boulevard of my broken dreams. 
I try to run, but a voice screams: 
“Look before you leap!” 
I’m half listening ‘coz i have miles to go before i sleep. 
I don’t care about any promises i was to keep, 
‘coz i have miles to go before i sleep. 
Despite the moonlight unfolding every step, 
I know there must be surprises waiting for me. 
I fear that the moon may turn away, 
But the ‘voice’ has sworn to stay with me, 
To guide me through, 
And to help me make my dreams come true.

A Blend Of Emotions…

My Life… A Blend of Emotions

Feels like the day’s over,
I wanna start a new life…

Coz there’s nothing left to live for,
With myself i was at strife.
With my vision blurred,
My destiny out of sight…
My life is a blend of emotions,
Endeavouring love and light…
Looking for a boat,
To float into the sea..
To help me fight the emotions
And find my destiny.
Now I’m stranded at the shore,
For the boats are all gone.
Waiting for tomorrow
I’m weeping all alone.

A new day, a new dawn..
Life goes on and on..

Throw yourself into the stormy sea…
Let yourself float…
Set yourself free…
Don’t be afraid if you cant swim,
For its the waves that will take you to your destiny!!!

But if its the waves that let you drown and die,
I don’t know what else there is, left to live for
For i’m a bird without wings, that cannot even fly!