Sometimes you should just spend time on yourself and indulge in things that YOU like.. 

Today I made honey chilli potatoes.. And made a video preparing it 😊. I’ve always wanted to do a cooking video of myself πŸ˜›. 

ENJOY!! πŸ˜‹


Whiling away time…..

I’m so sure, many of us do this (looking at our nails for no apparent reason and forgetting everything else around us for a while 😊) and the “while” can be long enough!!😁

But trust me, it’s a good way into escapism.. NOT in the bad sense of the word.

To me.. Personally, I feel it’s a good meditation technique.. Just that you should take care to not do it long enough.. No, I’m not trying to be funny here! It really takes me away from the here and now. It’s just me and my being. Nothing else exists in that moment..

While “whiling away time” can be a good relaxation technique, it can also be used for other constructive purposes..

I’m sure many of you would agree that whiling away time makes us feel better or happier when we do something constructive or creative.

In other words,

“whiling away time can be constructive when it’s done doing things you love to do”

Getting bored or having nothing useful to do is one of the major reasons we sit by ourselves doing absolutely nothing.

While this can have meditative effects, this can also cause negative outcomes, like being irritable, lonely, or antisocial. Many a times it intills negative thoughts in the mind which in turn affects the individual negatively in the long run!

But, research also shows that the mind gets most creative when it has absolutely nothing to do..

Before I say anything more I want you to check out this link πŸ‘‡

It states that we are often bored because our actions lack purpose! And I somehow agree with that.

So, I hope this article inspires you to go on and while away your time doing something creative and constructive, which at the end of the day will make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. And that in turn will make you feel happier and less bored!

Stay tuned for more.. The next article I write may be about “Things to do when you’re bored”.