My magical experience with nature…

“Go Green”

It’s just a phrase that means “get back to nature”. After all, who doesn’t like home?? In this era of modern science, machines, computers, robots, etc, we have forgotten the importance of “mother” nature. We call it “mother nature” not just because the earth gives birth to all living beings, plants, animals, etc, but also because just like a mother nurtures her babies, the nature nurtures all those who live on this earth.

It taught us how to live, talk, walk, build, learn new things, discover things, fight for our rights, respect ourselves.. But we have forgotten to respect the one who taught us all these things, without whom we wouldn’t exist. It’s just so true, a mother’s love is totally unconditional. But that doesn’t mean we take advantage of it, in fact we should respect it for what it gives us, what it teaches us.

The solutions to our problems lie in the problems itself.

The nature is not just green, its green, yellow, blue, orange, pink, purple, and all different colors..

My experience with nature was so magical..

I had a bad fungal throat infection, went to the doctor, and the doctor prescribed some scary antibiotics. Antibiotics, if used long term are known to have adverse effects on liver and kidneys and other really scary side-effects. Therefore I thought of healing myself naturally.

Finding recipies was not that easy because not many people these days use herbal recepies to cure sore throat. But fortunately i found that the most common technique was gargling with warm salt water. It definitely works. My pus filled scabs fell in four days by gargling morning and evening.

Another effective analgesic is Carom Seeds, also known as ajwain in hindi. It is a natural anesthetic and immediately relieves throat pain and cough, and also very useful in digestion and gastric problems.
I have been using this remedy ever since and i would recommend this to anybody who has a sore throat.

Nature is the best policy!!! Trust me. 🙂
Why just go green?? Let’s celebrate the different colors of nature. After all, nature is so colorful!! Lets embrace it! 😀


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Tanushri Sinha

With radical thoughts and a curious mind, I'm a self motivated and highly ambitious individual. A designer by profession, an entrepreneur by aspiration. Besides making illustrations and generating design concepts I indulge in photography, cooking, reading, traveling and networking.

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