Curiosity can kill!!!

Curiosity can kill!!!


We all hear curiosity can kill;

It’s not an adventure of Jack and Jill.

Curiosity is not the enemy of woman and man.

It makes you do everything you can,

To know yourself and your world around.

With curiosity we all are bound!


When curious, you know what you’re at.

Curiosity did not kill the cat!

It set the lion free.

And sent you on a hunting spree.

You’re the lion my dear friend!

It’s just the beginning, it’s not the end.


Published by

Tanushri Sinha

With radical thoughts and a curious mind, I'm a self motivated and highly ambitious individual. A designer by profession, an entrepreneur by aspiration. Besides making illustrations and generating design concepts I indulge in photography, cooking, reading, traveling and networking.

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