Good Morning world :D

“It was a beautiful day.

The sky was clear, the sun was gay.”

There was is this strong urge in me, to write all what i saw. Wishing to capture the beautiful world in my thoughts, I sat at the window. Staring, staring at the beautiful world. I didn’t know why everything seemed so wonderful today. I wanted to write about it. What if, this moment never comes again. I could always read about it and still be happy, that i witnessed such mesmerizing beauty in history!!

I sat down to write and the words flowed like a soft breeze, like they have been so eagerly waiting to be let out…


Published by

Tanushri Sinha

With radical thoughts and a curious mind, I'm a self motivated and highly ambitious individual. A designer by profession, an entrepreneur by aspiration. Besides making illustrations and generating design concepts I indulge in photography, cooking, reading, traveling and networking.

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