Cheers To The World! :)

My past is the essence of my being.

Without my past I am nothing.

Because it has shaped me into what I am today,

I’m afraid of letting my past away…

It reminds me that I still have a long way.

After every sunset comes a new dawn, a new day!!

So cheers to the world,

Be proud of who you are.

So, change only for the better,

And don’t leave your past afar…


How I realized it, is a long story…

I was basking in some glory…

When I tumbled and fell,

I had stories to tell.

That’s when I realized, my past

Was gone… What was to last,

Was my present and my future ahead

I had to go through till I was dead…


The moon never came back, it left me…

It had others to guide.

But when I tumbled and fell down,

I had nowhere to hide.

Remembering the suns’ words of wisdom,

I tried and tried again…

To get over the sorrow,

For which I had nothing to gain.


Published by

Tanushri Sinha

With radical thoughts and a curious mind, I'm a self motivated and highly ambitious individual. A designer by profession, an entrepreneur by aspiration. Besides making illustrations and generating design concepts I indulge in photography, cooking, reading, traveling and networking.

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