My Life… A Blend of Emotions/ Footprints in the sand

My Life… A Blend of Emotions/ Footprints in the sand


Feels like everything’s over,

I want to start a new life…

‘Coz there’s nothing left to live for,

With myself I was at strife.


With my vision blurred,

My destiny out of sight…

My life is a blend of emotions,

Endeavoring love and light…


Looking for a boat,

To float into the sea,

To help me fight the emotions

And find my destiny.


Now I’m stranded at the shore,

For the boats are all gone…

Waiting for tomorrow

I’m weeping all alone.


I expected tomorrow

The boats would come

And take me away

Where I could make my home.


Every day I said to myself,

“There will be a new day.

Your misery will end.

You will find a way”.


Seconds turned to minutes,

And minutes turned to hours,

And hours swayed.


Days became months,

Months became years,

But the misery stayed.


I tried hard to run

But the sand was so soft

I left footprints in the sand

And fell down oft’.


A lesson I learnt

That if you try to run

From yourself or your mistakes,

You fall down for sure

And only your life it stakes.


So, at the shore I stayed

Tried to tumble my way out

Made castles in the sand

And ran all about.


All this time the sun was watching me.

Shining bright and pitying me.

Thinking, smirking, “what a silly girl,

No wonder her life is such a swirl.”


When it was time for sunset,

The sun said to me,

“I’ll come back tomorrow,

A new day you’ll see”.


The sun came back as promised;

With a new day, a new dawn…

It filled my life with colors;

And said, “Life goes on and on…”


I said, “Dear sun,

“I want to get out of here.

But I need a boat,

‘Coz it’s the waves I fear!”


“Throw yourself into the stormy sea…

Let yourself float…

Set yourself free…

Don’t be afraid if you can’t swim,

For it’s the waves that will take you

To your destiny!”.


I stared at the waves streaming low and high.

I said to the sun with a trembling sigh,

“But if it’s the waves that let you drown and die,

I don’t know what else there is, left to live for…

For I’m a bird without wings, that cannot even fly!


“You’re no bird!”, said the sun to me,

“To your happiness, in you lies the key.

Look deep in your soul

And search for the key.

It will lead you to happiness,

And your destiny.”


I said, “I’m a bird that wants to fly.

What you say is all a lie!

I’m a bird, but without wings.

I do not care for worldly things.

I want to be where I can call home,

I don’t want to live in your sand castle dome.

I know you have been watching me all this time,

But why have you been all so mime”.


“I realized you wanted to be left alone,

To loathe your past.

I just prayed in silence that you may find hope,

That your misery wouldn’t last”.


Life is full of surprises, I realized.

Being lonely I despised.

But what the sun said made perfect sense

So, what I believed was all nonsense??


I realized that the sun did care.

It did all the thinking and had time to spare,

To watch me grow out of my misery,

To learn to walk on the sand.

It helped me by not helping me

By not lending a helping hand.


‘Coz it wanted me to grow on my own

So I would trust myself when I’m alone

I thanked the sun for doing so.

And prayed that now it would let me go.


“I’ve been looking for people all about,

To tell my story, to pour my soul out.

I’ve been so lonely, you do not know,

A lighted path I beg you show.


Where there are people all around,

And the waves and wind play a soothing sound.

Where all I want, happens to be,

That place would be my destiny”.


“You’re a silly girl indeed!

You cannot get everything in life.

If you ever realized it before,

You would never be at strife.


Be happy with what you already have,

Do not greed for more.

If there’s a boat nearby and you pray for the ship,

You will always be stranded ashore”.


“But that’s not what I really meant,

I’ve done nothing that I resent.

All I want is to move ahead in life,

But I got nothing I ever wanted

I wanted to kill myself with a knife!”


“You’re indeed a silly girl.

No wonder your life is such a swirl”.


Wait for the moon on a starry night,

When it lights your path and glows bright.

It will lead you a path where angels tread,

That’s where you will find your mantra to move ahead.


But you will have to walk all alone,

Go only where the moon shone.

Carefully tread as you may be led astray,

Even while the moon may be lighting your way!

For with angels demons tread,

With human blood they are fed.


Scary as it may sound,

You may be moving round and round,

The only way to stay safe,

 Is to wear this golden cloak.

Then you will be strong as the mighty oak.


This golden cloak of duty, tranquility and peace,

Will keep you headed on the right path,

All in one piece.

You will bear the fruits of wisdom,

On your journey to the core. (Soul)

But be sure not to pluck them,

Till you safely reach ashore. (till you’re out with the key)


Published by

Tanushri Sinha

With radical thoughts and a curious mind, I'm a self motivated and highly ambitious individual. A designer by profession, an entrepreneur by aspiration. Besides making illustrations and generating design concepts I indulge in photography, cooking, reading, traveling and networking.

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