About Me

As an empath and a human, I strive to create value for everything we come across in life. Always on the lookout for inspiration, I believe life is adventure. I’m an explorer who loves to travel, not only around the world, but also explore new dimensions in my field. I’m a dreamer, and I believe that dreams do come true if only we have the courage to step out of our comfort zone and take a step towards achieving them. As a quick learner who is always learning to evolve my craft to the next level, I believe the road to success is always under construction. I’m an optimist, who takes failures as stepping stones to success.

I enjoy building brands and visual experiences using a creative mix of technology and problem solving. Combining design knowledge with a flair for aesthetics and functionality, I like to contribute to making human lives better.

With a keen eye for detail, I strive for perfection in every concept I generate.

Besides generating design concepts, I indulge in photography, nature treks, cooking, music, zentangles (meditative art therapy), origami, creative writing and networking.


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